Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Omnivore perspectives from Down Under

How the time flies!
I have meant to keep this blog from sliding into oblivion, the place where all good intentions tend to end up, but y'know ... life got in the way.
I have been focussing on various kinds of nonfiction and fiction in the intervening months, always busy thinking and writing and reading. There is more about the human brain coming out every day, in the media, and in published papers and books. All encouraging.
Nice to have more to read, but the pressure to get my own theories sorted out and set on paper/screen is greater than ever!
I found this blog entry today from a former correspondent, Peter Grant, a fellow generalist in Hobart, Tasmania. Here are his thoughts on omnivores:
It's interesting that he uses bears as his prime examples of omnivores. Like us, they are intelligent, selective, and wasteful. Studying the way bears navigate the food web may shine some light on our own habits.

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